Community Update
September 05, 2020

Thank you everyone for taking the time to visit our newly designed website! There has been alot of work being done in the background and we apologize our website seemed so plain for the time it was. From now on our website shall be more up to date with recent and active information for everyone.

You can now see that alot of our Game Servers have been seperated within other site links which they are all still legit and under Nexus just split for verious reasons. Our forums however will still stay in the centralized place along with our discord. So all current updates will be posted there.

We have also moved forward with updating our NexCraft server with new game servers like Pixelmon, you can also download our resource pack when loading the gamemode.

Remember if you have any issues or concerns please submit a ticket via our forums or reach out on our discord for further assistance!

  • New Forum and website layout
  • Forum Accounts wipped and relinked to our discord
  • Back to server development
by TeamNX