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Nexus is a gaming community aimed to create a centralized place for all newcomers to online gaming, emulation, and programming. We know what it is like to be new to communities we like to make all our servers and projects open and easy for everyone to hop in and enjoy with the rest of the members! We have been doing Server development and emulation since 2017 and stay dedicated to our projcets.
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Tons of different minigames!

Towny, Pixelmon, The Arcade, and other big minigames are now within our NexCraft Servers.
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Latest Project Update!
Welcome to Andromeda

The time has come for us to finally open the gates and show you all what is coming for 2021!
The new big city awaits, further create your character and dive into the RP world6s like never before in GTA FiveM. ARP dedicates to Balanced Gang & Force content with active and consistant hiring of emergency services members. With active events and more patches coming, build your character with our ever building city & community.

Our Projects:
Nexus Projects

NexCraft is a multihub Minecraft server with main gamemodes like Towny & Pixelmon.

Other gamemodes include: The Arcade, The Lab, and Skyblock. All servers are using a balanced economy and cosmetics system.
Development status:

The Lab
The Arcade
Online | OPEN BETA
Andromeda RP

TeamNX has joined the FiveM world with a full scale Realistic RP server, from doing normal civilian work to the law world all the way to gang life or druglord Kingpens! The choice and options are endless to your disposal.

- Active Development & Future whitelisting with already 200+ Accepted Applications!

- Streamer Friendly & Friendly Community

- Multi job options, imported vehicles, structured Police force and other Emergency Response teams.
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