Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

General Questions
  • How long has Nexus been around?

    The Nexus community has been around since 2017, we started off originally as a Runescape server called AltarScape. From there we continued to grow and learn new tricks, and trades. We have always wanted to provide quality gameplay and that is our strive.

  • Our current supported games are as follows:
    - OSRS
    - World of Warcraft
    - Maplestory
    - Minecraft

  • Keep an eye our on our forums we typically will announce when applciations are open, however we are always looking for help and assistance just be yourself around the community sometimes we tend to reach out to the players vs applications.

Server Topics
Other Questions
  • TeamNX is our development team, we are all working on different projects but share the same goal to create a great community while creating great servers.