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More fixes: 12/10/21 Update

More fixes: 12/10/21 Update

Hello members, our website has been brought back up in an unusual look. Original systems will be back up and running soon we just like to make things look good at least not just a ‘nothing here’ page leading people to think we gave up, ha!

More updates are going to be rolling out soon for things but may not hit live servers until they are fully functional. We understand there is some down time due to players and staff being away. We plan to use this time to update and utilize not having to worry about causing any downtime. Both our current projects are still moving forward, in some cases not how we would like to plan but things are what they are.

We are still actively looking for developers, you can visit our forums to apply and speak further with our team in an interview.

Kind Regards,
Nexus Staff Team